About East Texas Martial Arts

Hi! We're the East Texas Martial Arts Team, and we absolutely LOVE what we do. Whether you're interested in serious Self Defense, a boost in Confidence, to finally get Fit and Healthy, or just to have Fun, we can help you do it!

We care deeply about our members. It's our mission to help everyone we come in contact with to improve their lives. Often, that means knowing that you or your child can defend themselves properly. But sometimes, it simply means being more supported in your personal journey, being challenged to reach your own personal goals, or just knowing that you belong somewhere. We sincerely hope that you can find that with us.

So take a look around our website, and sign up for one of our trial programs. We can't wait to meet you!




How To Join East Texas Martial Arts

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    Read About Our Programs

    We firmly believe that Martial Arts classes for both children and adults are the best way for you to see the results you want. Whether it's focus and discipline or weight loss and self defense, we know you'll love our classes. Click to learn more about a program that sounds like it will help you reach your personal goals.

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    Enroll For a Trial

    Enroll for a no obligation trail for any of our programs. We won't pressure you to enroll, and there's no obligation to continue paying after your trial. It really is "no strings attached".

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    Observe Objectively

    Will our Classes help you reach your goals? Do you think what we teach your children in class will help them as they grow, or what we practice in adult classes will help you live a better life? It's really important to us that your goals will be met.

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    Become a Member

    At the end of your Trial, you'll be eligible to be a student at East Texas Martial Arts, and we'll help start you toward a path to success!